All year around a fridge freezer is essential, but especially during the summer months. You may not think of your fridge freezer as a high tech product, but now more than ever before fridge freezers are packed with them. 

This Hotpoint built in Fridge Freezer comes in a crisp white colour, glass shelves giving you a full view of everything in your fridge freezer. There is a range of fantastic functions in the Whirlpool HTC18 T311 fridge freezer that make it one of a kind and perfect for any home. 

The fan provides an enhanced ventilation system keeping all of your food cold without anything freezing over. Also included is convenient bottle balcony space to safely store. The adjustable glass shelves prevent food and meat juices from dripping onto items stored on the shelves below and allow you to configure the fridge space that works best for you. You can also create space for more bulky items including a Christmas Turkey when you need it. 

There is also an Active Inverter Compressor that optimises energy consumption and reduces temperature fluctuation which optimises food preservation, this means that half way through the week you won’t be running back to the shop to pick up any ingredients that have gone off too early and an electronic control panel allows you to have some thermostat control, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature at the touch of a button. 

The LED lighting in your fridge freezer will allow you to see everything in your fridge freezer clearly and quickly. If you want to see what you have before you go shopping this will be easy as ever. These lights look great and allow you to set the temperature and control all of the fridge freezers functions all in one place and at the touch of a button.  

Also included is an Interior Ventilation inside a fridge freezer provides a better condition to preserve your food by ensuring a constant temperature and humidity, The Food Care System is a combination of food preservation technologies that ensure the ideal food preservation and a Multicool Flow which evenly distributes cool air to give constant and uniform airflow, keeping food temperatures stable. 

Never worry about your fruit and vegetables going off ever again with The Ultra Fresh Zone+ preserves the freshness of your fruit and vegetables for up to 15 days, The Ultra Fresh Zone+ sealed drawer features a humidity selector which is designed to choose the ideal setting for long lasting freshness. This is calculated through the weight loss and visual quality which is considered common in those fruit and vegetables normally. 

Finally, the Whirlpool HTC18 T311 fridge freezer has movable door bins which are imperative to allow you to store small and big items on the same shelf without anything knocking down and spilling on your other groceries. It gives you the chance to make the most of the space, holding bottles, jars and cartons. For example, you will be able to store a tall bottle of wine and a carton of milk or adjust the height again for a jam jar and a bottle of ketchup. The opportunities are endless. 

The fridge freezer also includes an Anti Mould Gasket which prevents the mould formation reducing yellowing effect during time and letting the gasket last longer, Open Space Freezer allows you to store extra tall or bulky items by removing the top two freezer drawers. This feature is perfect for freezing larger items that you would otherwise not be able to and Active Fresh technology rapidly restores the ideal temperature inside the refrigerator, keeping it at a constant at all times. 

Defrosting your freezer has never been easier with Total No Frost. The ventilation system provides perfect circulation of cold air in both cavities and therefore will avoid a build up of ice. 97% in a recent survey said that they found this feature extremely useful.