For some cooking is a necessary chore, for others, it’s a hobby that not only helps pass the time but improve diet as well. However, once mealtime is over though another task that nobody enjoys is washing up. Having a dishwasher at least means that manually washing your plates and utensils is a thing of the past, however if your dishwasher lacks performance then you can end up not only running a cycle but then also washing by hand to eliminate any leftover residue. 

Whirlpool Supreme Clean WFO 3T323 6P X UK Dishwasher - Stainless ...

Giving the highest level of performance is the WFO 3O32 P X UK from Whirlpool, delivering a supreme finish to your dishes. Featuring 14 place settings, this dishwasher is ideal for even the largest families. Featuring the 6th SENSE technology, Whirlpool’s innovative sensor technology detects the level of dirt and automatically adapts your wash cycle to save up to 50% on energy, water and time.

Combine the above with PowerClean PRO and you get exceptional cleaning every time. Removing the maximum amount of dirt and eliminating the need to pre-rinse or scrub your dishes before adding. This clever feature also frees up and gives up to 30% extra space in the lower rack. 

Rated A++, the efficient performance is up to 20% more economical than the comparable A rated dishwasher. In fact, Whirlpool’s energy-saving technology uses just 6 litres of water per cycle, less than you would even use washing up by hand! This means any of the 10 built-in programmes are all high in performance and light on your wallet. 

With super silent mode, it means this already quiet dishwasher is practically unnoticed, even if you want to run a cycle late into the night with the delay timer. 

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