Finished in a stylish black steel, the SN258B00NE Dishwasher from Siemens not only looks great but also boasts a range of impressive features for versatile, fast and hygienic cleaning. This freestanding unit will give you full control over your washing, with a generous 14 place settings making it perfect for a medium-to-large household. No longer will you need to wait around for your dishes to be washed, either, as this unit has a handy varioSpeed Plus function to reduce programme running times by up to 66%. In no time you'll have sparkling clean dishes within in the shortest time.

Taking Care of Delicate Items

No matter how technologically advanced your current machine is, washing glassware in it can sometime seem like a gamble. You never know whether they'll come out in one piece! Luckily, the SN258B00NE Dishwasher includes Siemens' new glass 40c cycle. This cycle is specifically designed to make sure that your glassware is unscathed with every wash. It first cleans glasses carefully but thoroughly at low temperature, then drys them with a specifically extended extra-gentle drying period. Once washed with the glass 40c cycle, the results on your glassware will be impressive.

The SN258B00NE Dishwasher also features the glassCare system. This system consists of glass protection technology, a special gentle programme and a heat exchanger. Now you can ensure your glassware is washed with the greatest of care.


Producing Outstanding Results

The SN258B00NE Dishwasher also has the innovative HygienePlus function, which is ideal for washing containers and utensils to stringent standards. During the final rinse of this cycle, the temperature will be kept at a constant high level of up to 70c for approximately 10 minutes, eliminating up to 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. This function is perfect for families and disinfecting containers and utensils used by small children and allergy sufferers to ensure extra-hygienic results.

The varioDrawer also offers an additional loading level. Thanks to this special design, you'll not only have room for cutlery, but also for ladles and salad servers. So, when you choose to use the varioDrawer and remove the cutlery basket from the bottom basket, you'll have more space for crockery.

If you find yourself commonly washing plastic dishes, the SN258B00NE also features the Siemens extraDry programme. This programme uses higher temperatures for the drying process and therefore extends the drying phase. When the extraDry programme is finished, every plastic item will be dried optimally.

Also helping you ensure diamond-quality dishwashing is dosageAssist. When placed into the dishwasher, the cleaning tablet will fall directly into a small catch pan thanks to dosageAssist. Then, a precisely aimed jet of water will quickly dissolve it to evenly distribute detergent throughout the machine. This will guarantee optimum cleaning results every time.

Making Loading Easier

The basket is also equipped with special devices at the top. If they are pressed, the height of the top basket can easily be adjusted in three stages. Thanks to this feature, loading and unloading is made a lot simpler, particularly when you're dealing with large pots and plates.


Keeping You Safe

Also featured on the SN258B00NE is the aquaStop safety system. This system will prevent water damage of any kind in your home, no matter whether it's in the supply hose or from a leak in the machine. What's more, Siemens warranties this safety system for the life of the dishwasher so you can always have the peace of mind that your kitchen is safe.


Always Efficient, Durable and Quiet

Looking for less energy consumption, without compromising on performance, and short programme times? What about a machine that is also pleasantly quiet at even the maximum settings. With the brushless iQdrive motor, the SN258B00NE Dishwasher is all of these. What's more, as the iQdrive is brushless it will also run virtually free from wear. That's why Siemens vouches for the durable quality of these brushless motors.

This dishwasher also runs at only 44db - the same noise level as the quiet hum of a computer-making this model perfect for all spaces, even open plan kitchens.

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