Your oven is often the centrepiece of your kitchen. A tried and true appliance to cook a wide range of meals. Whether you are looking to bake a delicious cake or cook a Sunday roast, big enough to feed two families. The MB557G5S0B Oven from Siemens is no exception. With a generous capacity of 71L you will have more than enough room to cook any meal that you wish. With an energy efficiency rating of B, you will also save money in the long run on energy usage.


Versatile Cooking

With the MB557G5S0B Oven, you aren’t limited to one method of cooking mouth-watering meals. With 4 heating methods, you are truly spoilt for choice, whether you wish to use the conventional oven, large-area grill, small area grill and bottom heat.


Precise Control

Waiting for your oven to heat up can be a pain, with fast preheat your oven will rapidly heat up to the required temperature, so you don’t have to waste time waiting to cook. With lightControl, the operation of this oven is intuitive, giving you complete control. In fact, cookControl10 also includes automatic programs that will cook your food perfectly every time. If you enjoy cooking roast dinners for your family, the built in roastingSensor will make sure that your meals are cooked at the optimum settings. The door also opens and closes gently thanks to the intelligent damping system in this oven.


Easy to Clean

With ecoClean, cleaning your oven becomes an absolute breeze, this is thanks to a special coating on the rear, side and roof of the oven that automatically self cleans. This will give you more time to focus on your cooking rather than cleaning it up! Simply wipe away any mess with no effort.

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