Rangemaster proudly takes its place as the brand that invented and perfected the range cooker. Their iconic, classic charm and enormous cooking capabilities are recognised and loved across the world so we thought we’d take a look at the ELS110EIGB. This model is a refreshing take on the traditional form of range cooker and it comes in a beautifully slick black and chrome finish. Aside from aesthetic value, this combination is welcomingly practical in terms of cleaning and not showing any blemishes or stains as time goes on. Whilst we’ve opened up the subject of cleaning, it may be worth mentioning that both oven interiors are fixed with catalytic liners which help absorb grease making the whole unit even more practical in terms of upkeep. 


No Wastage & Easy To Clean



The interesting thing about the ELS110EIGB is that it is completely electrically powered rather than the majority of popular range cookers which are usually dual fuel. This is because Rangemaster has fitted this cooker with a flat 5 zone induction hob as opposed to the classic gas burner option. This benefits the user in so many ways including minimal heat loss since the thermal energy used to cook food is created by an exothermic reaction as the cooker’s current is resisted by iron in the pan’s base. Going back to the theme of easy maintenance, the induction hob is incredibly easy to clean so even those burned on stains of gravy and other overflows can be banished with a simple cloth wipe. 

The ELS110EIGB has a total of two ovens, and both a warming and equipment draw. The first 69-litre oven is multi-functioning and can be used in a variety of different way with its own browning function which is great for pies and baking. The second main oven is a specially adapted fan heater which Rangemaster has designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven. It does this by fanning the heat out from the back of the oven in a vortex-like whirl which ensures all food is cooked top to bottom at the same temperature throughout.


Solid Workmanship & Innovative Features


Aside from the main moving parts that make up the cooker, the devil really is in the detail and users will be pleased to know that the ELS110EIGB comes equipped with sturdy control dials that won’t be in danger of snapping off or becoming loose anytime soon. Another quirk that we really love is the Handyrack that comes mounted to the inside of the left-hand door. A seemingly simple feature, it allows you to fix an oven try to the back of the door so that when it opens you can have immediate access to the tray rather than having to fumble with oven gloves to remove it from the oven racking -  a very handy feature indeed. 


Economical & Reliable 


Like many range cookers, this model from Rangemaster really scores high because it embodies not just size and function, but also, style ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. Incredibly the ELS110EIGB Range Cooker takes care of all the heavy-duty cooking you could ask for and still scores a respectable A grade rating. We would recommend the ELS110EIGB for those larger households that need to produce lots of food to keep the family going but also want first-class cooking quality without paying a fortune in running costs. 

For passionate foodies, Rangemaster is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Flintshire. At T. J. Butler (Electronics) Ltd you can get the ELS110EIGB Range Cooker with great service and a guaranteed excellent price,