When you get the time to enjoy cooking at home it’s often bliss. Particularly in busy households, where packed schedules and demanding family life often intervenes we rarely have the time to create food we are truly proud of. However, when you do find that gap in your week to cook a delicious meal it’s important to be able to enjoy it fully. If your chosen dishes gives of strong odours or smoke this can be tricky, which is where a great cooker hood comes into its own. 

Often the hood in your kitchen is overlooked as more of an aesthetic accessory. While having a striking contemporary cooker hood is commonplace in the modern kitchen, it is an appliance in its own right. If you’re looking to upgrade your current extractor hood then NEFF is an ideal choice. 

In this review from T. J. Butler (Electronics) Ltd we run through all the features of I95GBE2N0B Hood from NEFF. As a brand, they are largely known for creating kitchen appliances that not only outstanding features, but also with the build quality you would expect from a German brand.


N 50 Island cooker hood 90 cm clear glass I95GBE2N0B I95GBE2N0B-3

The Highest Rate Of Extraction 

This canopy cooker hood is finished in brushed stainless steel, for a timeless modern look. Paired with straight glass cut surround around the extractor fan, this model will seamlessly blend into any modern kitchen environment. Positioned above a kitchen island this NEFF hood not only has high performance but a look to match. 

This model features a high extraction rate at 429 cubic metres of air per hour. This means all but the largest of rooms can be fully cleared and be rendered odour free in no time, perfect for the most fragrant recipes. Even when you’re trying to rapidly extract the residual smoke from frying your favourite cut of steak, the I95GBE2N0B has a boost function that takes the rate of extraction even higher with its efficient motor technology. 

When cooking you are also never left in the dark. A quartet of LED lights keep you illuminated, meaning no matter how much have on the hob you can keep a proper eye on it. Simply activated with the push-button controls, the handy overhead lighting makes cooking with pans easy. 


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