Known for being one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen appliances in the world, Liebherr builds high-quality cooling appliances that are always one step ahead technology-wise. In this sense, the KBes4350 Fridge doesn't disappoint. With a classic design and extremely functional features, this premium model has a colour display, a large fresh food compartment and a versatile bottle shelf.

Innovative Storage

Offering even more interior capacity for food storage, economy and energy efficiency, quiet operation, ease-of-use and exceptional design; Liebherr's KBes4350 is part of the BluPerformance appliance range.

The BluPerformance appliances have set both a new direction in refrigeration and freezing and new benchmarks. This feature allows you to optimally store your food and quickly chill your drinks. All functions can be simply and intuitively selected using convenient touchscreen controls and thanks to the SmartDevice-Box, you can even control your refrigerator whilst out and about, to chill things down nicely before you arrive home.

The KBes4350 also features the BioFresh compartment. This compartment helps fresh fruit, vegetable and meat retain its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance significantly longer than in a conventional fridge. Through this advanced technology, all food in this drawer will be accurately kept at just about 0c.


Easy-to-Clean Interior

Inside the KBes4350, you’ll find the distinctive Liebherr GlassLine interior - conveying both outstanding build and finish quality. These shelves are made of strong safety glass, with a weight limit of 22kg on the full glass shelves and 11kg on the sectional glass shelves; allowing you to stock your fridge with the confidence that it’ll offer optimum support.

This glass is also extremely hygienic and easy to clean - any splatters or spills can simply be wiped or rinsed off. Unlike wire shelves, any damage from spills and leaks will also be minimised thanks to the shelving trim.

These GlassLine shelves are also very versatile, as they can be inserted at different heights as required.


A Streamlined Design

Aesthetics was not overlooked when Liebherr was creating the KBes4350. With a sleek and modern stainless steel finish and well-placed aluminium handles, it'll fit perfectly into any contemporary kitchen. What's more, Liebherr also uses premium quality materials in all of its product ranges, to ensure long-lasting, high-performance appliances for any lifestyle.

This fridge also features an energy-efficient LED rear panel lighting to illuminate the back section of the fridge compartment from top to bottom and provide high-quality illumination and producing a modern aesthetic seldom seen in any other appliance.

A high-resolution, high-contrast 2,4" touchscreen display is also integrated behind the door to enable accurate temperature settings.

These practical features all make the KBes4350 a functional, stylish and essential addition to any kitchen.

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