Liebherr welcomes the innovative UWT 1682, an outstanding multi-temperature wine cabinet, packed with technology. At a glance, the UWT 1682 is a sophisticated appliance, finished in stylish black glass with a tinted window, yet at a further inspection, it has no door handle.

This is due to the UWT 1682 features outstanding TipOpen technology. When you tap on the TipOpen, the wine cooler door will open by itself. If within 3 seconds you do not open the door further, it will automatically close. This is an excellent feature, which both prevents energy wastage and ensures the wines are kept at the perfect temperature at all times.

The UWT 1682 also features two independent temperature zones, which can be individually set between 5C to 20C to store any type of wine.

Further, specially damped components and a low-vibration compressor contribute to optimal and undisturbed storage of wine.

Learn more about the precision and care the UWT 1682 provides, in this video from T. J. Butler (Electronics) Ltd.


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