Modern life is fast-paced, we always seem to be in a hurry and it's surprisingly easy to slam the refrigerator door closed. There is nothing worse than doing this and hearing a loud bang, to then hope that nothing has been broken.

Most PremiumPlus refrigerators from the Liebherr range will come fitted with innovative SoftTelescopic rails integrated almost flush with the fridge compartment. This technology will cushion the door closing, so even if the inner door is fully loaded and slammed closed, it will still close very gently to ensure safe and practical use.

The drawers in the refrigerator also come fitted with telescopic rails, to make fruit and vegetables being damaged when the drawers are opened and pushed closed, a thing of the past. This soft-close technology will also prevent wear and tear to the drawers.

To learn more about innovative SoftTelescopic technology featured in this video by Liebherr from T. J. Butler (Electronics) Ltd.


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