Despite great strides in gender equality, most of the housework is still being done by women. Both men and women tend to stick to the jobs they know – often for fear of getting things wrong. But what if housework was so simple that anyone could take on a task and be confident of great results? That’s what Indesit is ensuring with its brilliantly reliable appliances!

Over the last few years we've made great strides for gender equality for the most part. However in the average household most of the housework is still done by women. It's not necessarily that men are avoiding the work, in fact more that both genders stick to the jobs they already know! With technological advances in appliances we can take the guess work out of housework and ensure that tasks are simple and deliver great results. 

As a leading manufacturer of home appliances, Indesit has introduced numerous features to simplify everyday tasks and reduce the knowledge needed to do regular cleaning. These innovative systems include:



Selecting complicated cycles and temperatures is now a thing of the past! With Indesit Innex washing machines the dedicated Push&Wash button means your clothing is cleaned to the same high standard in just 45 minutes, and all it requires is a simple push to get spotlessly clean laundry!



Deciphering cooking symbols, temperatures and cooking times is eliminated with this all in one system found on the Aria range of ovens. In one turn you can select from over 80 pre-set recipes, removing the need for pre-heating and keeping family meals simple. 


BabyCare Cycle

For loving parents of newborns keeping bottles and everything your baby uses clean and sterile and be a stressful minefield. With Indesit's latest dishwasher you can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, and all made as simple as putting your dishwasher on. This hygienic way of cleaning makes it perfect for baby bottles, dummies and even toys that child loves. 


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