With autumn now in full swing, and winter not far behind, comfort food is much needed. Nothing fights the chill like a delicious slow-cooked casserole, and few dishes are as simple or satisfying. While cooking at home most nights has become more of a necessity than a choice over the course of this year, now we will have even more time to enjoy it. 

Even for beginner chefs, with a little preparation and experience, a recipe can quickly become a signature dish that the whole family looks forward to enjoying together. At this time of year creating soups, stews and casseroles But ensuring delicious results isn’t as simple as following a recipe, or buying fresh produce to give the maximum flavour. You also need the right tools for the job. 

Using your hob can seem daunting if you don’t often cook. With the higher direct heat involved and how quickly dishes can turn from delicious to burnt, it’s no wonder many people try to avoid hob cooking where possible. If your current hob causes you cooking anxiety then it may be time to upgrade. The TB 7960C BF from Hotpoint is an ideal choice if you’re looking to upgrade to an induction hob. 

Keeping temperatures consistent and reliable is a a must for any hob, and this latest model from Hotpoint makes controlling the amount of what simple. Touch Control not only makes changing the amount of heat going to your hob easy, but also integrates into the panel, leaving no control dials that can accumulate grime. Thanks to this design cleaning up once you’re done cooking is stress-free, saving time and preventing dirt build-up. 

Also taking the stress out of cooking is Hotpoint’s Active Sense Menu technology, which can cater the heat setting for 63 cooking methods. In-built into the coils themselves are intelligent sensors that detect and adapt the temperature to ensure your next dish comes out perfectly cooked.

When you’re juggling multiple pots and pans on the hob what moving between heating zones can be a pain. Removing the pan and restarting another hob adds unneeded hassle, thanks to Hotpoint’s Flexi Duo you can easily move pans across zones and the system will match the heat from the previous zone. Using Flexizone you can even combine two cooking zones, making it ideal for cooking using larger pans.  

As well as being packed with features to make creating meals easier, the TB 7960C BF is designed to be as safe as possible. Residual heat indicators will tell you if a cooking zone is still hot, and will even indicate this when the hob is switched off. In addition, to keep children safe the Child Lock is a quick and simple way to ensure only adults can activate the cooking zones, whether that be on an active or turned off hob.