When it comes to laundry it’s not enough to simply clean your clothing. Your washing machine also needs to treat your clothes with the care they deserve, getting them perfect for wearing again will retaining the shape and strength of the garment. The Hotpoint NSWF 943C GG UK washing machine is the perfect way to clean and protect your clothing, as well as protecting your wallet with its class-leading efficiency.

With an impressive 9kg capacity, even larger families will find themselves doing fewer loads each week. As well as less time spent loading and unloading this model’s A+++ rating means that it performs up to 30% more effectively than an A-rated appliance. 

The built-in Anti Stain cycle is just one of the innovative ways Hotpoint has created to help protect your clothes against stubborn stains. By using tailored drum movements in tandem with intelligent water management there is no need to even pre-treat stained clothing before cleaning. The digital inverter motor delivers up 10 different drum rotations designed to help eliminate stains without damaging clothing.

Keeping your clothing free of allergens is the Anti-Allergy cycle, which comes with Allergy UK’s Seal Of Approval. By using higher temperature levels and additional rinse cycles it removes 99.9% of the most common irritants, including dust mites and pollen. 

Providing the ultimate level of care and protection for your clothing is Steam Hygiene. By injecting steam directly into your clothing up to 99.99% of the most common bacteria without the use of any chemicals or additives. The steam also helps keep the washing machine run more effectively in the future, with antimicrobial protection to extend the life of the door’s seals. 

If you need your laundry done in a pinch then the Rapid mode is ideal. Too often turn around time from cleaning your clothing means a while before you can wear them again. By selecting Rapid your cycle is completed up to 50% quicker, depending on the mode selected.