This Hotpoint NM11 945 BC A UK N freestanding front loading Washing machine features a 9kg capacity which is absolutely perfect for small to medium sized households and B energy class which is awarded to appliances with superior performances and for high energy savings. It is also awarded to appliances who have a reduced impact on the environment. In a sleek and stylish black, the machine really will suit any household and style with unlimited movement as it is freestanding. 


Packed With Innovative Technology 



The main benefit of the NM11 945 BC A UK N freestanding front loading Washing machine is the time saving element. It is completely understandable that you would want to be doing something other than washing, this is what makes this appliance so perfect. 

First thing is first, we all have that piece of clothing that we cannot get the stain out of however hard you try. This appliance could be the solution. Hotpoint has created Active care which is the best in class for stain removal. This technology takes care of your clothes by removing more than 100 stains at just 20 degrees celsius. This low temperature is brilliant for the environment and saving you money too. Some examples of the stains this program is able to remove include: Pizza, Coffee, Ink, Bronzer and Mud. 

If you are in a rush and you need to freshen up your clothes without doing a full wash you can use the steam hygiene option and steam refresh cycle. This will provide the ultimate care and protection for keeping your laundry fresh and clean. 

The Steam Refresh cycle lasts for 20 minutes and provides a cycle which is fully dedicated to freshen clothes without the need for a full wash. It penetrates deeply into the fabrics, makes them slightly damp and as a result reduces creases for ironing easier, saving you even more time. 

Steam Hygiene provides a totally hygienic wash whilst protecting your clothes to the highest of standards. The feature directly injects steam into the drum at the end of the cycle, removing up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs without the use of chemicals. 

The Hotpoint laundry appliance also features Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval as it removes 99.9% of major allergens, including dust mites and pollen which coming into spring is extremely important. This is all thanks to high temperature technology and extra rinses. 


Forgetting Something? 

You have just put your last load of washing on and you turn around and there's a trail of socks that have dropped from your hands, that are now on the floor and not in the washing machine. Don’t worry it has happened to all of us. We may have the solution. 
The Hotpoint NM11 945 BC A UK N freestanding washing machine includes a Stop & Add feature which allows you to add laundry to the wash cycle during the first few minutes without compromising the wash or the performance. 


Looking After The Environment 

The Rapid | Green Option feature will help customise your washing cycles and give you the opportunity to have the same time and energy with the touch of a button. Touching one button will save you time to do the things that are important to you and save the environment too. 

You can reduce time up to 50% to get your laundry done quickly whilst maintaining perfect wash performance with the Rapid Option. The Green Option can reduce energy consumption by 20% which will help to preserve the environment whilst doing your laundry and simultaneously save you money too.