Cooking at home is something that most can enjoy, especially when it comes to creating meals in the summer when the weather is perfect. However, one part of mealtimes that no one enjoys is clearing up afterwards, and when the sun is out that feeling only gets stronger! 

Spend more time in the garden this summer with a dishwasher that you can rely on. Even if you’ve already got one in your kitchen they can often by more hassle than they are worth once they have aged. Lesser models can actually mean you end up washing your plates multiple times if a lacklustre cycle can’t remove all the grime from your pots and pans. 

That’s where the Hotpoint HIP4O22WGTCEUK dishwasher comes in, not only does it offer outstanding cleaning performance but also a host of clever features to make washing your dishes effortless. Many think that with a larger household a dishwasher isn’t equipped to deal with the regular cycle of dirty pots, pans and plates that come with meal times. However, this model comes equipped with room for 14 place settings, perfect for all but the very largest of families.

No matter your requirements Hotpoint has created a dishwasher that is likely ideal for your needs. The intelligent 3D Zone Wash technology means this model focuses it’s cleaning power to the areas that need it most, eliminating even the most baked-on food from your pans.  

If you need your dishes washed in a pinch then this model also comes with an Express 30 option that in just half an hour will leave your dishes sparkling and ready to use. This makes it ideal if mealtime is just around the corner. Despite the range of features, your efficiency is never compromised. With an A++ energy rating, your energy bill is always kept low and the amount of water used in a cycle is as well.