Want to noticeably improve the quality of the meals at home you cook? With the SC360SS oven from CDA, you can impress your family and guests at ease each time with delicious cooked meals, bursting with flavour and cooked to perfection. Besides cooking your meals to perfection, your meals can be cooked at a reasonable timescale so nobody in your home is left hungry. If you’re looking to improve the quality of what you eat and save money, we wouldn’t advise looking any further than CDA’s SC360SS oven. 

Cleaning Made Simple

Over time, your oven can encounter spillages from a variety of different dishes, additionally to grease from other dishes. With the innovational SC360SS oven, you have the capability to remove the door for cleaning. A removable door allows you to clean off all mess effectively with no restrictions such as walls or other appliances. This also allows the door to be dried with the risk of cleaning fluids entering the oven. Nobody wants their food tasting of detergents, and with CDA’s magnificent SC360SS oven, you can avoid your food being spoiled by soapy taste’s. Besides the door being fully removable, the door is also quad glazed, reducing the heat of the door, meaning the oven is excellent for families with small children. 

Not only does the removable oven allow the oven to be cleaned efficiently, but the interior of the oven is also constructed with easy-clean enamel, meaning cleaning the interior is also easier than ever. Oven cleaning is vital for your health to avoid a build-up of bacteria. Usually, oven cleaning can be a tedious and complicated task, however, with the SC360SS, cleaning has never been simpler. If you’re looking to save time on cleaning and relax more at home rather than cleaning, the SC360SS is the perfect option for you.

Cook More

Ever wanted to cook a large meal but never had enough space in your oven for the mains and sides? If you’re a cooking enthusiast looking to prepare meals with various different foods, the whopping 65L capacity SC360SS from CDA is the ideal oven for you. Many ovens cannot capacitate for many different types of food, however, with 65L, space will not be an option. This is also perfect for families with small children who will not eat the same food as everybody else. With the SC360SS, multiple meals can be cooked at once with ease. The SC360SS is also incredible for cooking large pieces of meat due to its capacity. If you’ve ever wanted to cook a whole turkey on Christmas day but have never had space, the SC360SS will allow you to efficiently cook the families Christmas feast. 

Never Wait Around For Preheating

It’s difficult to think of something more stressful in the kitchen than preparing a meal and forgetting to preheat your oven. The incredible SC360SS oven from CDA comes programmed with an innovational booster function which can rapidly preheat your oven, preventing you from waiting around with prepared food for your oven to preheat. This magnificent function is a huge benefit for days where your cooking in a rush or are feeling impatiently peckish. No parent also ever wants to hear the constant nagging of ‘when’s tea ready?’ and with the SC360SS, your childrens meals can be prepared faster than ever before, With a preheat booster function, your meals can be cooked and served faster than ever without the need to wait around for your oven to preheat. 

Finding the best oven for your kitchen is often a challenge and even once you’ve picked the CDA appliance for you, you’ll still require great customer service and delivery options in Flintshire. At T. J. Butler (Electronics) Ltd you can still get the CDA SC360SS Oven or other CDA Ovens with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, be sure to click here for more information.