With a sleek design and superb engineering, the SO110 built-in combination steam oven from Caple with fit seamlessly into any kitchen. What's more, with a black glass finish and stainless steel trim, it is sure to leave your kitchen looking stylish, with a modern touch.

The SO110 Oven also includes an impressive 36-litre capacity and a handy touch control timer to help you get creative in the kitchen and cook up a storm.

10 Functions

With 10 helpful functions, including a steam feature, the SO110 is designed to help any chef take their cooking to a higher level. These 10 functions include;

  • Light
  • Fan Heat
  • Grill
  • Fan Heat With Steam
  • Steam
  • Turbo Grill
  • Turbo Grill and Fan
  • Defrost
  • Descale
  • Boost (Rapid Preheat)

One of the most eye-catching features is turbo grill. Turbo grill is a great feature for preparing foods such as bacon, grilled veg and even toast.


Handy Controls

The SO110 is also full of useful controls, designed to make your life run smoothly and give you complete control over your cooking. With a full touch control panel, no longer will you have to mess around with buttons. Simply work with a clean intuitive control panel and the time and temperature will always be on view so you can make sure your cooking is kept on track.


Steam Cooking

Steam cooking is an outstanding function that can help kick your cooking up a gear. Injecting steam in and around the oven cavity, the steam cooking feature will cook a whole range of foods. Steam surrounds the food, cooking it thoroughly and quickly and can be used for cooking vegetables and also fish and meat, as well as desserts such as sponge pudding.

Easy to Clean

The SO110 oven is also very easy to clean, with a variety of features that help you keep the oven clean and spend a lot less time scrubbing. One of the main smart features is the Descaling programme. This prevents an unwanted build-up of limescale, making maintenance and upkeep a lot easier. This is perfect for if you live in an area with hard water, and the stainless steel interior will only need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

This oven also features a removable glass front panel, to help make life easier. Struggling to remove tough grease and grime will no longer be a problem, all you need to do is remove the glass panel from the slide and place it in the dishwasher!


Energy Efficiency

What's more, the SO110 has an impressive 'A' energy efficiency rating, to help keep running costs low, while making cooking for all the family a much simpler task.

Caple is the ideal brand for passionate foodies and keen home chefs alike. They couple of outstanding quality of build and smart functions to make life easier, making the brand a company you can trust.


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