Caple has put the flexibility and innovative features at the forefront of the design for the C808C Hob. The 59cm wide ceramic hob offers four cooking zones with easy to use rotary controls which will prevent you from reaching over to the hob, risking burning or injury.


Added Features 



Residual heat indicators which will give you confidence every time you cook your favourite meals. The C808C hob is frameless, giving your kitchen a sleek and sophisticated feel with indicator lights which are featured to indicate the heat for each zone of the hob, helping you keep on top of which hobs are on and at what temperature. 

The 4 zone ceramic hob gives want to be chefs the perfect amount of space to cook many elements of a dish altogether, keeping everything piping hot when the meal is served or even cooking your starter, main and dessert at similar times to stop your guest waiting for their mouth-watering meals. The heat indicators act as the perfect safety feature acting as a warning sign for the chef and others not to touch the hob whilst it is in use. It’s sleek and elegant style will look perfect in any kitchen giving your home an air of sophistication as well as practicality. 


Creating A Perfect Space For You 




People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s cooking, cleaning or spending time with family and friends. Caple promises to give your kitchen the quality and the creativity it deserves. It doesn’t matter whether your a professional chef or simply love the social side of the kitchen the C808C is perfect for you and your home.

Safety is an important theme throughout the design of the hob, with rotary hobs, far away from the hot cooking zone stopping you from leaning over the hob and hurting yourself and the heat indicators which will stop guest from touching the hob and potentially burning themselves. 


For passionate foodies, Caple is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Flintshire. At T. J. Butler (Electronics) Ltd you can get the Caple C808C Hob with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, C808C Hob for more information.