The Q line 90cm range cooker from Britannia is designed to be innovative, stylish and practical. Coated in a stunning black gloss finish, complemented with the chrome trim, user-friendly knobs and a robust oven capacity, this model dual cooker has a stunning modern design which will fit perfectly in any kitchen.


Innovation & Design 



The range cooker features a stainless steel hotplate with cast iron metal supports, 6 aluminium burners including a slightly wider wok burner, which are all aligned perfectly to provide excellent cooking power and performance. All of the burners have single-handed ignition for easy use and safety reasons. 


Flexible Cooking 


Below the hob, The Q line 90cm range cooker from Britannia has two electric oven cavities with a triple-glazed see-through door. The main left-hand oven has a 52-litre capacity, 9 functions and a fully automatic programmer and minute minder. The smaller second oven is 28 litres and includes 4 functions. Heavy-duty shelving and drawers come as standard for all of your plates, pots, pans and more.

Each oven has racking inserted with ultra-handy telescopic runners for easy removal when you are cooking and interior lights for easy visibility. The smaller oven even includes a rotisserie, when meat is cooked on a rotisserie, it is generally a lot juicer, self basted and slow roasted. The main oven also includes a quickstart function which provides a preheat system and achieves this in half the time of a conventional oven and the defrost function is safe for defrosting smaller items such as fish and cakes. 


Functions & Programmes 



The 9 functions in the main oven include; bottom element only, which is suitable for slow cooking stews or even cooking pizza if you want a crispy base. True fan oven, allows several kinds of foods to be cooked at the same time which is perfect for batch baking cookies or other delicious treats. 

Conventional cooking is suitable for roasting meat and baking bread. The pizza function ensures a perfectly cooked base and brows the top to perfection. The fan-assisted oven is suitable for roasting meat and poultry, top element only generates a delicate heat and is generally used for foods such as lasagna and cottage pie. Finally, the traditional grilling feature is suitable for snacks such as muffins, teacakes and crumpets. All of these features will allow you to cook everything your heart desires with ease, making you the master chef you have always wanted to be.  


Safety Features 


Important safety features include flame failure devices, fascia cooling fans and triple glazed doors. Flame failure devices shut off the gas supply to a gas burner if the flame is accidentally extinguished. All Britannia gas burners feature flame failure devices and all range cookers feature a thermostatically controlled fan to prevent the fascia from overheating. 


Cleaning & Preservation 


Once you have enjoyed your delicious meal, there will be no need to worry about the cleaning aftermath. The Q line 90cm range cooker from Britannia has a removable oven door and inner glass panel which allows easy access to each component of the oven for cleaning. There is also a removable enamelled roof tray and a single piece pressed hob all for easy cleaning purposes. You will get your oven back to tip-top shape in no time at all. 

All of these features are included in an A-rated range cooker for energy efficiency, meaning not only will you be able to cook delicious meals every time but also save money as well as doing your bit for the environment. The Q line 90cm range cooker from Britannia has everything that chefs will need from a high-end appliance and will add a little bit extra to the cooking performance that will be hard to beat anywhere else. 


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